About us

Hello everyone, dear friends,

We are delighted to share Domaine de Lamanon with you. 

Having just returned from 8 years as an expatriate in New York, we were keen to bring to our French roots the American quality of service, attentiveness, availability and generosity we had come to appreciate so much over the years. 

When we visited what has now become Domaine de Lamanon, we immediately fell in love with the place, which is so unique and timeless. Domaine de Lamanon is a local, family-run project whose very essence is to bring together the talents of everyone to create a timeless interlude. We have renovated this building, whose foundations date back to the 15th century, using French heritage craftsmen to preserve the soul of the place. The furniture is the fruit of more than 50 years of passionate research, a multi-generational quest that makes this a unique collection.

About Domaine de Lamanon Events in Provence
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About Domaine de Lamanon events in Provence

We wanted to offer our guests the chance to feel at home in a Provencal château, a place of conviviality and unique shared moments. Our motto E Pluribus Unum, "One from many", well known to our American friends, echoes this wish, so that Domaine de Lamanon is the place where our guests unite to become even more than they already are, whether as a couple, a family or a team.

Bons vivants and former wine professionals in the most renowned houses, we also offer our guests the opportunity to benefit from a multi-regional wine selection, exclusive to domaine. 

We look forward to meeting you soon at the Domaine , which we have designed from the heart, as an echo of our beloved Provence, which charms everyone with its gentle way of life.